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The organisation for Fire and Rescue Service enthusiasts throughout the World


Some of the benefits of joining the Fire Brigade Society:

• Receive "Fire Cover", the Society's highly acclaimed journal, packed full of information for all interests in the Fire Service.


• Join in visits to local, industrial and airport Fire and Rescue Services, as well as appliance manufacturers.


• Nationally organised Society Visit and Annual General Meeting Weekends.


• Have access to the Society Library and Archives (for a nominal fee).


Subscription rates (From 1st April 2015) for the Fire Brigade Society are as follows:
Ordinary membership within United Kingdom and Northern Island: £29 Per Year (For Republic of Ireland see Europe).
Associate Membership (Available to close relative of Ordinary member only): £3 per Year.
Junior Membership (10-15 yrs inclusive) within United Kingdom & Ireland: £18 Per Year.
Overseas Membership- Europe: £31 UK Sterling Per Year.
Overseas Membership- Rest of the World: £36 Sterling Per Year.
Overseas payments must be by cheque (drawn on UK clearing bank), money or postal order.
Applications must be made on the Current Membership Application Form (PDF Format), and please download and read the latest Membership Rules first. Data Protection Policy
Members can also access the Constitution document.
Also the Handbook for Appointed Officers & Volunteers is available here.
Operational Plan 2018-2019