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Background History
Ever since properly organised fire brigades came into existence there have been what the Americans call “Fire buffs”, that is members of the public having a serious interest in the fire and rescue service, and want to know more about all aspects of its work.
In the 19th century volunteer or “gentlemen” fire brigades were quite common and it was considered a great honour to be a member.  This was “amateur firemanship”, but in many cases the brigades were well equipped and highly efficient.
‘The Fire Brigade Society’ was formed in Manchester in 1963, by the late Bob Bonner.  Since then ‘The Society’ has grown to become a respected international organisation with members all over the world.  By far the largest number though, live in the United Kingdom.
The Society Services
The Society arranges visits to local, industrial and airport fire and rescue services, as well as fire appliance manufacturers.
Visits are organised by local Areas, both in the United Kingdom and abroad; Areas also have regular meetings of members.
In addition, nationally organised Society Visit and Annual General Meeting Weekends are held every year.
To keep members up to date, a “What’s On Diary” is published giving details of organised visits, as well as of other fire related events.
The Society’s highly acclaimed journal “Fire Cover” is sent to all members (except Associates), supplemented by occasional Special Publications and local Area Newsletters.
Local, industrial, airport and historical fire and rescue service fleet  information is compiled by ‘The Society’s’ Vehicle Recorders, who make this information readily available to members via “Fire Cover” or fleet lists, which may be purchased.
A fire station history database, including photographs, is also maintained, giving a detailed history of almost one thousand fire stations both operational and non-operational throughout the United Kingdom.
The Society has a thriving Sales Unit, which offers a wide range of fire related books, other items of interest, and past and present Society publications.
The Society also has its own Library and Archives Section, which holds hundreds of books, pamphlets, and other documents, and these can be loaned to members for a nominal fee.  
The Society has its own website:
The main objectives of The Fire Brigade Society are to promote and foster interest in fire and rescue services, their organisation, stations and appliances.
Members are encouraged to enlarge and develop their knowledge of all aspects of the fire and rescue service.
The principal activity of members is to exchange photographs and general information about appliance fleets, stations and fire brigade affairs, both past and present. 
This is done partly through the medium of our quality journal “Fire Cover”, Area Newsletters and Area Meetings.

The Fire Brigade Society Website in this format was launched in July 2011, and we would like to thank Andrew Strong of TwoStrong Design and MP Printers for their assistance with the site.
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